Qualified arborist services, Melbourne

Tree Culture is a highly experienced local business which provides a full range of tree services including tree removal, stump grinding, tree and hedge trimming, emergency tree services, tree assessments and reports and more.

You can make an appointment for a qualified arborist to visit your home or business premises and they will provide professional and impartial advice on all aspects of tree care and tree surgery and tree removal. An arborist, also known as a tree surgeon, can expertly assess the health and viability of a tree and provide advice and options for each and every situation.

  • Do you have a large tree that has become diseased?
  • Are tree roots causing problems for paving or pipes?
  • Do you have trees that need pruning to improve their shape or reveal a previously restricted view?

Whether a commercial or domestic job, Tree Culture provides the tree services you need.

When you need the services of a qualified tree arborist, contact Tree Culture. We bring more than 15 years’ experience to every job and a commitment to carry out each task with all due care and attention, and your property is always impeccably clean, tidy and free of all debris when we finish.

Emergency Tree Services

Tree Culture can have a qualified arborist at your home or business 24 hours a day, seven days a week to provide emergency tree services from Melbourne to Newport, Toorak, Spotswood and more. Where you have an emergency situation such as a fallen tree or branches or where a tree has been damaged and needs...
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Stump Grinding

To finish off the removal of a tree, it’s important to remove the tree stump as well. There are a number of reasons for this: Tree stumps attract white ants and termites. Pests build their nests in the stumps and it’s often only a small journey to your house or business premises! Tree stumps are...
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Tree Assessments & Reports

Trust our experienced and qualified arborists at Tree Culture to provide a comprehensive tree assessment and reporting service across Melbourne and the Bass Coast. Tree culture has taken our tree hazard and assessments to a new level with TreePlotter™. Whether it is for your backyard, rural property, childcare centre or school, preparing for bushfire season,...
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Tree Pruning & Hedging

Pruning helps a tree to grow in a healthy manner as well as creating a neat and attractive look. Damaged or unwanted branches or diseased sections of the tree will be removed by a tree pruner to allow for new growth and stop infection spreading to healthy parts of the tree. The removal of dead...
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Tree Removal

Tree Culture offers professional and affordable tree removals in the Melbourne area. Our experienced and knowledgeable qualified arborist can undertake tree felling of unwanted or hazardous trees, as well as trees that are sick or dying. Tree removal and tree felling can also improve the aesthetics of your garden or outdoor space, or unveil a...
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Other Tree Services

Tree transplanting Do you love the idea of a large, established tree but don’t want to wait years for a young sapling to grow? With tree transplanting you don’t have to wait. Tree Culture has the experience and know-how to transplant a mature tree into a new location. Our qualified tree arborist can advise you...
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