Inverloch arborists can check storm damage

May 12, 2015
Tree inspections by our arborists in Inverloch can prevent storm damage.

A tree inspection by a qualified arborist would have prevented the extent of damage to this tree and the surrounding assets.

High winds and rain over the past week have caused havoc. There has been massive storm damage throughout Victoria, fallen trees, broken branches etc. Inverloch and Wonthaggi have been hit especially hard.

Often after a storm, we clean up the debris on the ground, thinking the job is done. However, a storm-damaged branch can often hang up in a tree out of sight and therefor out of mind.

It is important to inspect trees after a storm especially following high winds. A tree inspection by our Inverloch and Melbourne arborists and subsequent tree pruning can help you rest easy knowing that your trees are structurally sound and have been cleared of any dangerous damaged limbs.

Preventative maintenance is the best. Unseen structural defects in a tree can often fail with the extra forces during a storm. Having a qualified arborist inspect your trees annually will ensure the continued longevity of your trees and help protect your property and assets.
Employing one of our Melbourne and Inverloch arborists to inspect your trees can reveal faults that you may not have recognised, such as cracked branches, split stems, torsional cracks within branches, termite infestation, internal decay, root damage etc.